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Charcoal briquettes

Древесноугольные брикеты
TM Mangal are produced charcoal briquettes, which the ideal fuel for use are in residential areas.

Charcoal briquettes are also used for cooking (barbecue grills, etc.), as fuel for stoves, fireplaces, furnaces, grills. They are also indispensable in the field conditions, hunting and fishing. The greatest advantage of charcoal briquettes is  a long burn for 4-5 hours. Biofuel charcoal.

One of the main activities of the TM Mangal is the production, import and export of biofuels wood coal - a fuel produced vegetable raw materials. As the plant material used hardwood trees (birch, aspen, oak), straw.

Biofuel charcoal – is a high carbon product obtained by thermal decomposition of wood without oxygen (pyrolysis).

This biofuel is firmly holds the leading position in the coefficient of efficiency.

The main feature that distinguishes this bio fuels other types is:

1.    The minimum amount of harmful substances emitted into the atmosphere when burned.
2.    The absence of carbon monoxide, which allows the use of biofuels in enclosed spaces.
3.     After the combustion residue out a small amount of ash.

Unlike coal or peat, charcoal, environmentally friendly product, and is indispensable for everyday needs.

In recent years in Ukraine, Russia and Europe is growing demand for biofuels because biofuels are burned to produce electricity or heat is more profitable than burning oil or other fossil raw materials. There is a growing number of energy companies and allow to invest in infrastructure projects with high payback periods - such as the establishment of power plants or boilers to biomass.

Also over the past few years, bioenergy is an important tool for solving problems related to climate.
Modern production  of TM Mangal does not lag behind the development of science and technology and constantly improving. Our bio-fuels charcoal has high levels of quality. For questions regarding the use of biofuels, you will consult our experts, the application for purchase of biofuels can be left on site TM Mangal, writing an email or contact our managers by phone.

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