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Древесный уголь Charcoal - is a unique material consisting almost entirely of carbon, which is known to form the basis of life on our planet.

The most well known and popular use of charcoal as a fuel for barbecues, stoves and fireplaces. Easy in use of charcoal have already evaluated many people in our country. First, there is no need to search and chopping wood. Second, do not need to wait until they are burned and give the necessary heat for cooking kebabs, barbecue and other food in the open air, because charcoal gives the desired heat is in 15-20 minutes. In addition, charcoal cleanly and conveniently packaged, so that its use will not have to get dirty.

Convenience, efficiency, high-quality charcoal TM Mangal can enjoy living fire and relax in nature. Charcoal production which takes place in special pyrolysis furnaces, are clean and safe product. In the manufacturing process does not use any additional energy sources other than the energy of combustion of wood. As a raw material for the manufacture of charcoal TM Mangal are used wood hardwood and fruit trees.

The resulting products are fully consistent with TU U 24.1-32692239-001:2006 (corresponding to GOST 7657-84 grade A). Charcoal TM Mangal - is the highest quality, environmental friendliness and convenience. It is perfectly suited for a variety of purposes, including for use in fireplaces and stoves. Charcoal production is going on with the highest technology. And that means better physical and technological parameters, which resulted in the duration of combustion is increased by as much as 30 percent! High quality charcoal TM Mangal are allows you to use it as a raw material for any purpose. We supply charcoal all over Ukraine and Europe, both small and large bulk. And of course, always welcome new customers. You will appreciate our product quality, nice price and ease of working with us!

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