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   The composition of biochar is mostly carbon gained burnt plants. Biochar is used as an organic fertilizer that can be stored in the soil water and nutrients, which highly improves soil fertility and agricultural productivity.

Treatment of land for centuries has led to a deterioration of its quality, the ability of the land has deteriorated rapidly absorb water. The development of production and use of biochar in agriculture and forestry provides an opportunity for a short time to improve the performance of soil fertility.

Even today, biochar is one of the most perspective fuels on our planet, because fertilization is not only good growth and development of new plants, but this type of fertilizer does not pollute the atmosphere with carbon dioxide.

Biochar using are solves several problems:

    improves soil quality and growing of crops;
    absorbs carbon dioxide the atmosphere;
    produce clean energy;
    methods for biological carbon may also be used as the means of recycling organic waste.

Many scientists call biochar "a black gold" for farming and have been experimenting how biochar different biomass feed stocks interact with different types of soil and how much biochar should be used.

In addition, many climate researchers believe that the potential for this type of coal is very perspective in the issue of slowing down the process of global climate , that means, constraints to achieve the global average temperature increase to two degrees Celsius.

This means that the current concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere in an amount of 387 parts per million should be reduced to the level of 350 parts per million.

TM Mangal is a  leading supplier of charcoal production in Ukraine. For several years our company has gained a large number of reliable partners among buyers and suppliers.

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