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A company TM Mangal is pleased to offer our customers new products. Please note that the company started a production of goods with elements of cold forging.

Since January 2014 there was launched a production of new products such as smokehouse "Dacha" for cooking meat and fish.

TM Mangal holds a competition for a smokehouse model.

Due to the fact that there wasnt sent any receipt, the leadership of TM Mangal has decided to extend the contest. You have a chance to remember and send your recipe of shashlik and get the prize.

We offer you a knockdown smokehouse for fish, meat and other food.

Since 13th of July you can buy a brazier Boyarin, that is developed according to a special sketch.

A competition TM Mangal "Send a brazier drawing - get 300 UAH.!" is finished.

Biochar is a synthetic charcoal produced biomass by pyrolysis.

16.05.13 Product expansion.

Dear partners and visitors of our web-site! With a view to product expansion TM Mangal wants to take your opinion.

TM Mangal holds a competition for a draft of collapsible brazier.

07.05.13 Happy Victory Day!

Dear veterans of the Great Patriotic War! Its a honor for TM Mangal to congratulate you with the Day of Victory!

23.04.13 Extortionists

Dear partners and visitors of our web-site, pay attention to extortionists-carriers.

There will be available new products in the nearest time. Warm weather comes soon and we finally throw off all these jackets, sweaters and hats! And of course, wed like to fish or go for a picnic with friends.

28.02.13 Our new products.

We offer you to take a look at our new products.

14.02.13 Valentines Day.

Dear Partners! Valentines Day holiday that is celebrated all over the world.

Dear partners! In the connection with the expansion of goods assortment, we ask you to offer your opinion.

Our partners and visitors of our site, please pay attention to blackmailers, involved in cargo carriage.

Hiking telescopic tripod in the bag.

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