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How to order?

1. Range of goods
There are several ways to find and select the goods on the website TM Mangal .
You can find the product you are interested in the menu and clicking on the "Go to order" - go to the Internet shop.
Also, you can immediately get to the online store by clicking on the "Internet  shop" above the block sidebar.
In addition, the experienced consultants of our Internet shop can help you with the selection of an item.

To get information and ask questions, please call:
3 8061764 44 45 (multichannel)
+3 8 093 346 58 57
+3 8 067 613 00 15
+3 8 063 222 17 02
daily from 9.00 to 18.00 hours.

2. Ordering
Order through the "Basket" Choose your favorite product, click "Add to Basket", the goods will be sent automatically to your basket. Then you can continue your selection from an online store, adding to the basket as many products as you want. If you have finished your selection, proceed to ordering. Click on the icon "Basket", adjust your order if necessary (you can delete an item, the quantity, recalculate the sum) and after adjustments, click the "Ordering".

Our managers will be notified about your order and will contact you to clarify details of delivery
You can also place your order by phone listed on the site.

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